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The Lifestyle Medicine Careers offers employers an exclusive opportunity to connect with certified lifestyle medicine professionals that you can’t find on other job boards.
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Job Board Benefits
Specialized and certified talent pool
Our job board is the go-to platform for over 10,000 ACLM member physicians and clinicians.
Exclusivity for ACLM members
To ensure top-tier candidates, only approved ACLM members are allowed to apply for the posted jobs.
Promotion in the ACLM weekly newsletter
Your job posting will also be promoted in the ACLM weekly member newsletter.
Support the growth of lifestyle medicine
By posting a job on our job board, you directly contribute to the advancement of lifestyle medicine.

Maximize the potential of your job opening

By posting on the Lifestyle Medicine Careers, you’ll gain access to an exclusive network of certified lifestyle medicine professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives.
Find top physicians and physician assistants/associates on our job board.
Resident physicians
Physician assistants/associates
RDs and RDNs
CHES or NBC-HWC coaches
MDs and DOs

Lean on ACLM’s legacy to find clinicians

Founded in 2004, ACLM is now a global organization. We pride ourselves on being able to connect these certified lifestyle medicine professionals to fulfilling career opportunities.