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  Lifestyle Medicine Week is a global celebration and awareness campaign on the six essential lifestyle pillars that optimize health.   Mark your calendars for Lifestyle Medicine Week (LMWeek) 2023 from Sunday, May 21, to Saturday, May 26, 2023! LMWeek is an annual, week-long celebration focusing on six key pillars of lifestyle medicine: stress management, physical activity, nutrition, quality sleep, avoidance of risky substances, and social connection. Applying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine provides effective prevention for chronic conditions including, but not limited to, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, and when used intensively, often reverses such conditions. Each day of the week will address a certain pillar and provide a framework for individuals to learn more about healthy lifestyle habits and take action to improve their own health. We will kick off LMWeek on  Sunday, May 21, with the pillar of stress management. Everyone is impacted by stress in one way or another, and it can harm our physical and mental health. However, there are many ways to address and manage your stress levels. During this day, take some time to reflect on your stress levels and find healthy ways to manage them. Whether it’s meditation or simply walking outside, there are plenty of ways to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. Additional Resources Monday’s theme is physical activity.  Regular movement and exercise are essential for maintaining your health. The  2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans  recommends accumulating at least 150 minutes of activity per week. This can look different for everyone, and it is important to find something enjoyable to achieve those minutes. Whether you prefer running, cycling, swimming, or any other type of physical activity, make sure to get moving on this day! Even just a short walk can make a big difference in your overall health.  Additional Resources On Tuesday, the focus is nutrition.  ACLM recommends a plant-predominant eating pattern, meaning the bulk of the foods consumed should come from whole-food sources like fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, legumes, beans, etc. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for good health. Take this day to learn more about the pillar of nutrition and try incorporating some new healthy recipes into your diet. Small changes can lead to big improvements in your overall health and well-being.  Additional Resources Wednesday will address avoiding risky substances.  Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug use can all have negative impacts on our health. Take this day to reflect on your own habits and if there is any room for improvement to reduce or eliminate any risky behaviors.  Additional Resources Thursday is dedicated to social connection.  Humans are social creatures, and maintaining social connections is important for our mental health and our well-being. Whether it’s spending time with friends and family, volunteering in your community, or participating in a group event, find ways to connect with others on this day.  Additional Resources Finally, on Friday, the theme is quality sleep.  Sleep is essential for good health, and many people struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or even get enough restful sleep each night.  The  American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society  recommend that adults ages 18–60 sleep at least seven hours each night to promote optimal health and well-being.   Take this day to reflect on your own sleep habits and find ways to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.  Additional Resources To join in on the celebration of LMWeek, you can download a social media toolkit via ACLM’s member engagement platform  CONNECT .  Participants are encouraged to share these graphics on the appropriate days, but we also welcome you to develop your own ways to celebrate LMWeek and spread awareness about lifestyle medicine. Create your social media graphics, daily challenges, or events in your communities, and share them with us using the hashtag #LMWeek !   Lifestyle Medicine Week is a great opportunity to reflect on our own health habits and use our voice and our practices to help spread awareness on the importance of lifestyle habits to prevent and, when used intensively, send chronic disease into remission. We hope you will find ways to incorporate the six pillars of lifestyle medicine throughout the week and beyond!   Want to continue learning more about lifestyle medicine? Register for the “Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine and Food as Medicine” online course, 5.5 free hours of free CME/CE valued at $220. And consider becoming a member of ACLM! Upon joining our community of passionate and caring healthcare professionals, all members receive 25% off ALL ACLM educational offerings plus FREE CME/CE offerings throughout the year, a discounted rate to our annual conference, and so much more! We look forward to welcoming you as an ACLM member.
As a lifestyle medicine professional, your CV is a crucial tool to showcase your expertise, experience, and accomplishments in the field. A well-crafted CV can set you apart from the competition and help you secure the job you desire. In this article, we'll share tips and best practices for creating a standout lifestyle medicine resume that effectively highlights your unique qualifications and achievements. 1. Start with a strong professional summary Your CV should begin with a concise professional summary that highlights your key qualifications, experience, and passion for lifestyle medicine. This section should be tailored to the specific position you're applying for and provide a snapshot of your most relevant skills and expertise. Example: "Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician with over 10 years of experience in treating and preventing chronic diseases through evidence-based lifestyle interventions. Skilled in patient education, motivational interviewing, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Passionate about promoting health and wellness to improve patient outcomes and quality of life." 2. Emphasize relevant experience and accomplishments When listing your professional experience, focus on positions and accomplishments that are relevant to lifestyle medicine. Be sure to provide specific examples of how you've successfully implemented lifestyle medicine principles and interventions in your practice, as well as any notable achievements such as improved patient outcomes or awards. Example: "Implemented a comprehensive lifestyle medicine program at XYZ Clinic, resulting in a 30% reduction in diabetes-related hospitalizations and a 25% increase in patient adherence to prescribed lifestyle changes." 3. Highlight your education and certifications List your educational background, including your medical degree, postgraduate training, and any additional certifications, such as the Lifestyle Medicine Board Certification (LMBC). This information demonstrates your commitment to and expertise in lifestyle medicine. Example: "Doctor of Medicine (MD), ABC University School of Medicine Residency in Internal Medicine, DEF Medical Center Lifestyle Medicine Board Certification, American Board of Lifestyle Medicine" 4. Showcase your involvement with professional organizations Membership in professional organizations, such as the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) , indicates your dedication to the field and provides opportunities for networking and professional development. Be sure to include any relevant positions or roles you've held within these organizations. Example: "Member, American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Committee Member, ACLM Annual Conference Planning Committee" 5. Include continuing education and professional development Demonstrate your commitment to staying current in the field by listing relevant conferences, webinars, workshops, and other continuing education opportunities you've attended. This can include ACLM conferences, online courses, or other educational events related to lifestyle medicine. Example: "ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2022 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Certification Course" 6. Present your research and publications If you've conducted research or published articles in the field of lifestyle medicine, be sure to highlight this on your CV. This demonstrates your expertise and contributions to advancing the field. Example: "Smith, J., & Doe, A. (2022). The impact of a plant-based diet on cardiovascular disease risk factors: A systematic review. Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 15(3), 123-135." 7. Emphasize your interpersonal and communication skills Lifestyle medicine professionals require strong interpersonal and communication skills to effectively educate and motivate patients. Be sure to include examples of how you've utilized these skills in your practice or previous positions. Example: "Led weekly group education sessions on healthy nutrition, physical activity, and stress management techniques, resulting in improved patient engagement and satisfaction." Conclusion: Creating a standout lifestyle medicine resume requires a focus on your unique expertise, experience, and accomplishments in the field. By emphasizing your commitment to lifestyle medicine, highlighting your relevant experience and achievements, and showcasing your education, certifications, and professional development, you can craft an impressive CV that sets you apart from the competition. Remember to tailor your CV to the specific position you're applying for and demonstrate your passion for improving patient outcomes through evidence-based lifestyle interventions. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to securing the lifestyle medicine job of your dreams. Create your lifestyle medicine CV today!
Lifestyle medicine is a rapidly growing field that emphasizes the prevention, treatment, and reversal of chronic diseases through evidence-based lifestyle interventions. As a medical professional, you may be considering whether to embark on a career in lifestyle medicine. In this article, we'll discuss the top 10 reasons why pursuing a career in this exciting and impactful field is worth considering. 1. High demand for lifestyle medicine professionals As the prevalence of chronic diseases continues to rise, with six in ten adults in the US having a chronic disease , there is an increasing need for healthcare professionals who specialize in lifestyle medicine. This growing demand translates to more job opportunities and career stability for those in the field. Six in ten adults in the US have a chronic disease , increasing the need for lifestyle medicine professionals. 2. Potential for positive impact on patients' lives Lifestyle medicine offers a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of patients by addressing the root causes of chronic diseases. Through evidence-based interventions , you can empower patients to take control of their health and improve their quality of life. 3. Job satisfaction and fulfillment Helping patients prevent, manage, and reverse chronic diseases through lifestyle changes can be incredibly rewarding. Many lifestyle medicine professionals report high levels of job satisfaction and fulfillment as they witness the transformative impact of their work on patients' lives. 4. Growing recognition within the medical community The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) has grown from a few hundred members in 2014 to over 9,000 members today . The American Medical Association also recognizes lifestyle medicine as a legitimate and essential component of healthcare. This growing recognition means that lifestyle medicine professionals are increasingly valued within the medical community. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine has grown from a few hundred to 9K+ active members in the last decade. 5. Diverse career opportunities Lifestyle medicine offers a wide range of career paths , including private practice, hospitals, wellness centers, academic institutions, and more. This diversity allows you to find the best fit for your professional goals and interests. 6. Opportunity for collaboration Lifestyle medicine promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare professionals, including physicians, dietitians, psychologists, and exercise physiologists. This collaborative approach can lead to more effective and comprehensive patient care. 7. Financial incentives While your primary motivation for pursuing lifestyle medicine may be the positive impact on patients' lives, it's worth noting that this field can also offer financial benefits. As demand for lifestyle medicine professionals grows, so does the potential for competitive salaries and job opportunities . 8. Professional development and growth The ACLM provides numerous resources for continuing education and professional development, including conferences , webinars , and certifications . As a lifestyle medicine professional, you'll have access to these valuable resources to help you stay current in the field and advance your career. ACLM is here to aid in your professional development. We offer conferences, webinars, and certification year-round. 9. Opportunity to be part of a movement Lifestyle medicine is more than just a career; it's a movement aimed at transforming healthcare and improving public health. By pursuing a career in lifestyle medicine, you can be part of this critical effort to create lasting change. 10. Flexibility and work-life balance Many lifestyle medicine professionals enjoy greater flexibility in their work schedules compared to traditional medical roles. This flexibility can contribute to improved work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. *** Pursuing a career in lifestyle medicine offers numerous benefits, including high demand, diverse career opportunities, and the potential for significant positive impact on patients' lives. By considering a career in this growing field, you can contribute to the transformation of healthcare and play a crucial role in addressing the chronic disease epidemic. 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