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Love Life! (LL!) is bringing together for the first time ever lifestyle medicine+, nutritious and high culinary food, technology, and community to offer individuals across the country a comprehensive health solution.  We are creating a national network of tech-forward and lifestyle medicine-oriented primary care clinics, whole foods plant-based restaurants, wellness centers, and education focused on delivering the tools, access and support necessary to materially improve health outcomes.

Our mission is to meaningfully reduce the rate of preventable chronic diseases in this country through disease reversal and prevention powered by lifestyle medicine primary care services and personalized lifestyle programs.  We work with individuals to progress their health and well-being from a chronically ill state to a completely optimized state. Through this process, we first educate our patients on their body’s unique characteristics, moving to then educate and support them to achieve their specific personalized health goals by focusing on their improved nutrition, sleep, mental well-being, and fitness as much as possible.  The medical clinics will also offer specialty programs and services covering a wide variety of topics ranging from how to reverse type II diabetes through lifestyle to how to optimize your diet through culinary genomics. In addition, the clinics will also offer supplementary services such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and physical therapy.

At LL!, we also understand that each of our patients arrives with their own unique experiences, health goals, and interpersonal styles. Respectfully, we meet patients exactly where they are on their health journey, listen to and understand their health goals, and support them achieving those goals.

We are a venture-funded, high-growth startup, working in a fast-paced and dynamic entrepreneurial environment. Flexibility and adaptability to change, self-initiative, critical thinking, and outstanding interpersonal and communication skills will be required to succeed.