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Flair Health

San Francisco, CA, USA

Flair Health is a virtual extension for medical practices, providing high-touch nutrition and health coaching services to patients with chronic conditions. We support clinics by providing their patients with a virtual care team of dietitians and health coaches, as well as a technology platform for patients to set lifestyle goals, track their progress, and access personalized meal/exercise recommendations.

We work with patients between their regular doctors’ visits in three main ways:

  1. Personalized nutrition plans from a dietitian, based on the principles of lifestyle medicine (whole-food, plant-forward diets). We modify these plans based on the patient’s chronic condition(s), budget, and food preferences.
  2. Biweekly meetings with a health coach to set lifestyle goals and stay accountable to them.
  3. Daily feedback on pictures of meals to guide a patient’s decision-making and provide accountability.

In short: we enable doctors to offer lifestyle medicine to their patients, covered by insurance and without any additional time and effort by the clinic. Our ultimate goal is to help 100 million Americans reverse their chronic diseases through data-driven lifestyle medicine.