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Whole Health Approach

Our mission is to integrate health professionals and foster collaboration that allows clients to receive personalized health support addressing their unique needs.

Today's preventive health services are delivered in a fragmented approach. Services such as nutrition, medical care, fitness and health coaching are offered by different groups of professionals and leave you to piece it all together. How much more effective would your health support team be if they worked together under one roof?  

Primary Care

The cornerstone of supporting your health needs. Our providers have more time to spend with their patients as we reduce our population to 1/5th the industry standard. Services you can expect:

  • Annual physicals
  • Health maintenance management
  • Medical care coordination
  • Sick visits
  • Health specialist navigation

You can expect all of our provider services to be delivered at our Standard of Care.

Personal Training & Small Group

Today's personal training is smarter and more focused on function. Our trainers work with clients on issues ranging from balance & stability to competitive athletes. You can expect:

  • Total body assessment evaluation
  • Personalized one-on-one fitness sessions
  • Goal development and progression check-ins

We offer individual and small group fitness sessions.

Health & Nutrition Coaching

Change is hard. Knowing what to do next or how to get started can be difficult. Our health coaches are trained in nutrition, fitness and behavioral health change techniques to properly support clients. Services you can expect: 

  • Identify and scope proper health goals
  • Guidance to achieving your goals
  • Help with diet and plan accountability
  • Access to individualized nutrition & fitness education
  • Personalized fitness programs