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Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle

Easley, SC, USA

Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle was founded in 2016 by Dr. Lori Carnsew who was disillusioned by the changing environment of corporate primary care medicine, where numbers and data were fast becoming more important than patients. Direct Primary Care, where the relationship is between the physician and the patient, removes third party interference and allows us to focus on the core-value of family medicine, where patient experience is key and the doctor-patient relationship is essential. This allows us to spend enough time with patients, look them in the eye, hear their concerns and teach them to heal. Our vision is to provide honest, affordable, proactive services that improve the health and vitality of our patients and our community. Our goal is to thrive in a community where there are no barriers to wholesome food, physical fitness, sound rest, peace, and love. Verity - Truth in Healthcare, and Healthcare you can trust.