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Astia Health

Marathon, WI, USA

We are a direct primary care company that strongly believes in lifestyle medicine as a conduit to optimizing the health of our patients and our direct to employer clients workforces.  We have grown locally as a family owned and operated business in Central Wisconsin and Missouri operating onsite/near site clinics generating strong ROI and business growth. 

We have won several awards for our employer clients in the space over the last several years.

We strongly believe in the health and happiness of our work family and are looking to grow our team with like minded individuals. If you are looking to engage in medicine 3.0 with an intense focus on prevention, evidence informed approach and highly personalized approaches to care we would love to meet you! 

Longevity and aging medicine has inspired us to think big in our strategic direction of lifestyle focus.  We love to incorporate data and wearables on the backside to help influence behavior and change on the patient focused side!  The 5 pillars of health: Sleep, Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Well-Being and Optimized Medicines/Exogenous substances are our mission.