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New ME Health Center
Lifestyle Medicine

It’s the first Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention Center of its kind for Chronic Lifestyle related Disease Remission/ Reversal in San Antonio, TX.

Modern traditional medicine is best and effective in tackling the acute major or life-threatening conditions. But, when it comes to the chronic lifestyle related conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and many types of cancers – it considers them as chronic progressive diseases with no attempt to their cure or healing rather aims at protracting their course with symptom management or masking using an array of pharmaceuticals and procedures.

Lifestyle Medicine, on the other hand, explores and eliminates the root-causes for those chronic conditions and thus help patients arrest and potentially reverse them for good while minimizing the need for medications and even stopping them all together.

Today, both Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and their patients are overwhelmed and frustrated with a mis-aligned payment models in the current healthcare system to address the lifestyle factors, and, despite their best interest, fail to incorporate the lifestyle modification effectively into their chronic disease management.


New ME Health Center is designed to exclusively handle that intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (iTLC) element for the PCPs and help their patients achieve that very goal with strong coaching and guidance by our comprehensive team of certified coaches and lifestyle medicine experts under one-roof.